BEST Freelancing Websites for Beginners

SEO Jobs (Websites)

1) workother

workother is a marketplace specifically designed for SEO service. It enables you to filter jobs by price, level, etc. Job seekers can search for on-page SEO, build backlinks, increase website traffic, online marketing, and more. You can receive emails for jobs that are similar to the applied job.


2) is a freelance website for beginners that helps you to discover the remote jobs that do not get advertised. This site helps you to hunt down remote jobs and make them accessible to you. You will be able to find the largest collection of high-quality remote companies in the world. This helps to maintain the tools to collate and order all the data.


3) Konker


Konker is online platform that focuses on stuff related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can apply for creating backlinks, content, marketing using YouTube SEO, keyword research, site optimization, etc. It provides both online and offline job opportunities.


Freelance Design and Developer Jobs (Websites)

1) Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a website that offers jobs for UX designers, web designers, JavaScript developers, Java developers, Mobile app developers, and more. You can easily search for remote, full time, and part-time jobs with the time commitment you like.


2) Solidgigs


Solidgigs is a freelance website for beginners that includes a variety of jobs like a guest blogger, media consultant, salesforce administrator, etc. It provides you quick access to interviews without any hassle. 

This site includes downloadable scripts, tools, templates, and spreadsheets. It helps you to find your job with minimal effort.


3) 10x Management

10x Management

10x Management is an agency that helps developers, designers, and coders to get job. When you register on this website, you will get support from representatives who answers your questions and give a resolution. Once you complete the project, you get payment from the employer.

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